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Choosing an Alternate Post Editor

Blab's default post editor is the "Enhanced Editor". Most members will not need to make any change to this selection.

If you wish, you may pick the post editor you prefer in the top link, My Blab > Edit Options (scroll down). Blab has interfaces called "post editors" that you use to compose messages (posts) visible to other members. These editors use vB Code, a special language that produces cool enhancements to your text (bold, italics).
  • Basic Editor: has no vB code buttons to assist your editing. You must enter any vB Code manually, to create things like italics.

  • Standard Editor: requires you to highlight with your mouse the text you wish to modify and press the appropriate button. This will place the proper vB Code tags around the selected text. If you press a button without selecting text, this editor will insert vBcode tags at your cursor. You may then enter your text between the tags.

  • Enhanced Editor: (a/k/a WYSIWYG), pressing a button will modify any highlighted text. Your final post appears the same as it does while being edited. Most people prefer to use the Enhanced Editor.