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<br><b>Displaying Internet Images</b>

Here are the instructions for posting images or photos from your website in your posts:
  • Put your Picture on the Internet: You must have your images stored somewhere on the worldwide web, such as your own website, one of the many free image-hosting websites (Photobucket, Webshots, Shutterfly) or in the Blab Gallery. If you have no place to store photos, use the Attachment method described below.

  • Know the URL to Your Image: After your image is uploaded to the web, you must know the URL to your image. If for example, your image is hosted on your own website, then the URL would be "http://www.yoursite.com/image.jpg."

  • Create a post with the text you want in it.

  • Then click the post editor button that appears to have a little tree on it.

    • A dialogue box will pop up. 

    • Paste the URL of your image into the open field in that box, and click the "okay" button. 

    • Depending on your post editor, the image will either display in your draft post, or it will appear as code:


    • If you don't see the button with the little tree on it, you can type the code in yourself, as above.