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<b>Tracking Replies (Subscribing)</b> to Select Th

Automatic thread subscription when you post
Blab's default setting is that if you post in any thread (including starting the thread), if there are any later posts, the thread will appear in the screen that appears when you select My New Content from the top of the header.

Subscribing to a thread without posting
You can 'subscribe' to any thread, even if you do not post in the thread. From the thread's top frame (below the title) dropdown Thread Tools > Subscribe. Subscribing means new posts made after your last thread read cause the thread to appear in the My New Content screen.

Optional email notifications
You can also choose to receive email notifications of new posts. From the top of the header, select My Blab > Edit Options. Scroll down to Message & Notification: (second item) Default Thread Subscription Mode. Select your preference with the dropdown. "In control panel only" means a subscribed thread will appear in My New Content. (This setting applies to all threads. There is no option to apply it only to select threads.)
The steps above can also be followed to turn off all email notifications for threads.

Unsubscribing (turning off a subscription to a thread)
If you no longer wish to see a thread with new posts in your My New Content screen, there are two ways to unsubscribe. Unsubscribing will also turn off email notifications for that thread. You can re-subscribe at any time, following the instructions above.
     1) In your My New Content screen there is a link beside each thread title with the option to click "unsubscribe".
     2) In the thread itself, from the top frame with the dropdown Thread Tools, the option to unsubscribe will appear, if you are subscribed to the thread.