• Most of Blab is restored, the rest is coming soon ...
    - For the time being all paid forums are free.
    - An update on paid memberships is coming as soon as we get the details together.
    Keep checking for updates. You can also keep an eye on our Facebook page (link) for important announcements.

<br>Do Not Promote Similar Websites on Blab

Linking to or promoting other website forums that are similar in structure and purpose to Blab is not allowed. This is out of respect for the long and profound effort and creativity that went into building Blab.

"Promoting" includes describing the other forum, giving information on fees, and in any other way informing and/or encouraging Blab members to visit the other forum.

Blab does not allow talking down and denigrating other hobby forums. In rare cases there may be a limited amount of latitude for accurate reporting in special-purpose areas such as TTB. But in general, we'd like to avoid such topics.

It is not a violation of this rule to link to or inform members of other website forums that are not like Blab in structure and overall purpose.