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    - For the time being all paid forums are free.
    - An update on paid memberships is coming as soon as we get the details together.
    Keep checking for updates. You can also keep an eye on our Facebook page (link) for important announcements.

<b><font face="Century Gothic" size="3"> What is M

Model Horse Blab is forum for discussion of the model horse hobby and other interests of hobbyists. Blab is owned by Mary Hirsch ("Mary" on Blab.) Blab was started in September of 2003 by Heather Roell. Blab ownership was transitioned to Mary in July 2006.

Today Blab has several hundred members who post regularly. Some 1,100 members visit frequently. You can see who is online, and how many members are visiting, by scrolling to the bottom of the forum main page to see interesting Blab stats.

Blab is run on the principle of the honest expression of opinions while respecting the opinions of others. We count on the maturity and poise of our members to keep discussions interesting with the least possible moderator intervention. And to have fun talking about our mutual obsession!

New members should know ...
- Take a look through the FAQ first 2 rules sections, "Moderation" and "Acceptable Post Content."
- Blab is a wonderful place to air diverse opinions about many aspects of the hobby.
- Free members may discuss any topic with a * under the forum title, but not topics that aren't free.
- The first 7 days of membership grant free access to most paid forums.
- Sometimes Blab members may strongly disagree with each other, but without personal attacks.
- Moderators respond to all post reports (icon below each post) but *not* immediately. Moderators are not always online. (Read the "Moderation" section below.)

New Youth members should know ...
- Most of the members are adults, and they appreciate respectful and thoughtful posts.
- Sometimes other members may be critical of what you post, but it's important not to be angry or upset about that.
- The Youth forum is fun! Sometimes there are contests only for Youth. So it's best to tell us your real age.
- Youth access is the same as other memberships, both paid and free, with the addition of the Youth forum.
- Registering as older than you are means you won't be able to participate in the Youth forum, activities, shows and contests.

Are you new to the hobby? And/or, new to using forums?
Blab has 2 friendly places to ask any how-do-I or what-is? question!

- Questions about the hobby and about models - no question is too silly, so post away! ... good for browsing, too.

- Blab Support, not only for problems, but also for just learning to use the Blab forum (click here) - Helpful members are happy to answer anything!

Enjoy Blab!