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    - For the time being all paid forums are free.
    - An update on paid memberships is coming as soon as we get the details together.
    Keep checking for updates. You can also keep an eye on our Facebook page (link) for important announcements.

Cancellation of a Paid Membership

Cancelling in the middle of the subscription term

Cancelling a subscription to terminate *before* it expires must be done by request to mary@modelhorseblab.com . Almost all requests are honored, per the terms below. No explanations are required. We do appreciate knowing why, but you don't have to tell us.

- A paid membership may be cancelled for a 100% refund for 3 months after the starting or renewal date.
- A paid membership may be cancelled for a refund of the pro-rated amount between 3 and 9 months after the starting or renewal date (or an amount close to the pro-rated amount to be determined by Blab management.)
- After 9 months from the starting or renewal date, refunds will not be given.

A member who cancels a paid membership for a refund may reinstate their paid status at any time by paying for a full year's (or a full month's) membership in the normal way. A new one-year or one-month membership will start from the payment date.