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    - For the time being all paid forums are free.
    - An update on paid memberships is coming as soon as we get the details together.
    Keep checking for updates. You can also keep an eye on our Facebook page (link) for important announcements.

Limits on Solicitations and Requests for Donations

Blab permits hobbyists to ask for donations for model horse shows and the occasional recognized non-profit organization, preferably those relating to animals. We permit members to set up ongoing gift or comfort-giving threads for others, that exist without the knowledge and/or instigation of the prospective recipients. We permit paid members to post goods for sale in our Sales or Artist Announcement forums.

We do not permit members to request one-to-one donations, individual requests for money, participation in other fund-raising schemes or like solicitations. We forbid such activity on both the public forums and via the other features of Blab (private messages, visitor messages, etc.). This rule helps to keep the forums free from spam-like material, and/or appeals vastly unrelated to our traditional subject matter.

If you have a question about whether your post item is in conflict with this rule, please contact us prior to posting.