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"More Edit Options" post editing button: formatting options and editing conveniences
At the bottom right of every post edit box (creating or editing) is a button "More Edit Options".

Selecting this button opens an editor with more formatting buttons, and icons to insert images, videos and tables, as well as other cool functions. The icons for these edit functions are displayed above the edit window.

"More Edit Options" includes
  • Font selections (e.g. Arial Narrow, Times New Roman, etc.)
  • Font size, color, italic, bold, underline
  • Insert photos, images, video
    • Insert by uploading from your computer
    • Insert by linking a url
  • Create tables, add rows and columns
  • Quote box
  • Hide box
  • Superscript and Subscript
  • and more!
Also, keep scrolling down BELOW the post edit window to find even more options - add an icon to the left of the post title on the forum display screen; manage attachments (you can delete some if you have too many); change your subscription to the thread; etc.